The CNN Debate

After last night’s marathon session where the 11 candidates had to stand for some 2 1/2 to 3 hours with no bathroom breaks the obvious winner was the Reagan library’s urologist-in-residence.  Not quite the Lincoln Douglas debates in length (some eight hours, each participant could speak up to 60 minutes at a time), the CNN debate was not well moderated and unlike Fox News the questions were not as sharp or as pointed;; they relied too heavily on trying to create schisms between the candidates — At one point John Kasich interrupting to complain about the amount of ad hominem questions and the lack of policy-based queries.


Very briefly, the big winners of the night were former HP CEO Carly Fiorina; as I predicted she went in as an unknown quantity, has the advantage of being a non-political outsider.  Her strength is an amazing ability to quote facts and figures, strategic thinking and a level headed confidence that would even put Margaret Thatcher to shame.

As I am rushing to a television studio I will keep this brief, only to mention that the seminal moment of the debate was Gov. Chris Christie’s intervention on behalf of the middle class.

Here it is:

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